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May be slipping

ANALYSIS: the Labour fightback, the reasons behind it, & the ramifications of it.

Richard D Hall updated his excellent 9/11 analysis

Corbyn Slammed for Politicising Dead After Blaming West for Terror Attacks

Health Ranger’s science paper on cannabis extract analysis published in mainstream science journal LC/GC

CORRECT: Manchester Bomber Linked to British-Backed Terror Group in Libya

Friday Night Music: Will Shade's Memphis Jug Band, by JD

Cool one-off car

It is hard to overstate the hatred and loathing there is for Jeremy Corbyn at the highest levels of the British Establishment

The Predictable Diatribes As Ever.

War – the real reason for unleashing the Manchester false flag. Only Corbyn can save us now.

We own land! Give us money!

Tories on the rack. Manchester bomb only helped a little. 25 point lead now 1 point.

Islamist Ramadan killing month starts on Saturday

This election and Brexit

Ron Paul is right as usual

Campaigning Resumes

Every Human Had Better Get up to Speed on This…Like, Yesterday!

At the End of the Day

BBC Nicky Campbell: ‘People Who Question 9/11 & 7/7 Are Incapable Of Critical Thinking’

Australia’s 700,000 aborigines dealt with under flora and fauna laws

Duterte determined to stop Mindanao becoming the next Syria

Americans stop buying cars

Manchester - Obama puts it down to complexity

Tory Lead Tumbling

Trump’s Speech in Riyadh Signals US Alignment with Global Terrorism and Extremism

UKIP manifesto launch

Resale price maintenance - maybe DBC was right all along.

Disgusting: Tory MP Campaigned During Day of Remembrance for Manchester Terrorism Victims

1 year countdown to GDPR begins today