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About White House Dossier, written by veteran White House reporter Keith Koffler, is the only 24/7, totally independent, and fully unauthorized White House blog. It delivers a unique blend of White House news, commentary and analysis – with a frequent dose of humor and satire – to carry forward journalism’s traditional mission of holding the powerful to account. The blog focuses mainly on President Obama, his administration, and his antagonists. Award winning journalist Keith Koffler has 16 years of experience covering Washington. As a reporter for CongressDaily, National Journal magazine, and Roll Call, Keith wrote primarily from the White House, covering three presidents and learning as few have the intricacies of the West Wing and the behavior and motivations of its occupants. While mainly stationed at the White House, he also extensively covered Congress and Washington’s lobbyists. Keith has also written for a variety of other publications, including Politico, The Daily Caller, and The London Observer. He currently writes regular opinion columns for Politico. Keith is a past winner of the $10,000 Force of Language prize for writing from the publishers of The Atlantic magazine.
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